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Grass-fed & Grass-finished All-Natural Beef
No antibiotics - No hormones - NO GRAIN!
Processing done by Texas or USDA Certified Processors
Vacuum sealed and quick frozen for longer freezer life  

The diagram above illustrates sections of one side of beef and the possible cuts of meat that can be produced from each area.  Ground beef comes from the trimmings around these cuts.  When it comes to safety, all of the trim, regardless of the source, must meet USDA safety and inspection standards and go through intervention processes to prevent contamination.
Meat is aged for a minimum of 10 days. It is cut, vacuumed sealed and quick frozen to assure freshness for up to 2 years if it is kept frozen. There is only one ox tail, tongue and heart. We package the liver in one pound packages. Organ meat is priced separately and orders filled on availability. Soup bones are included with each quarter if desired.  
Beef is sold by quarters, halves, and whole.  An average steer of 1000 pounds will yield approximately 400 pounds of edible meat if you ordered a full cow. When divided into quarters the organ meat is not included so the quarter beef comes closer to 90 pounds on average.

If you would like split a side of Beefalo with someone in order to get a selection of all cuts, let us know and we can customize your order. Organ meat is included with a full side of beef. 

Not everyone desires the organ meat so it is priced separately. There are a few cuts that are not included in a split half, like the brisket, and a few others that would be too small if quartered. Let us know what you prefer and we will do our best to accommodate those cuts you really desire.

We offer Beefalo meat exclusively. The average yield is about 85 to 100 pounds per quarter. Because of its bison ancestry it grows a little slower so we leave our stock on pasture  up to 24 months. Our price per quarter is $12.00 per pound on the packaged meat.

Our price always includes processing, tenderizing and quick freezing in   

vacuum sealed packaging. 

Average percentages:

 31% are steaks

31% are roasts (or alternate cuts)

38% ground beef or stew meat


Beefalo is sold by the half (side) or a split half.

If you plan to share a split half it can be delivered to a primary location.

We will custom trim your order if it is placed before processing date.

Processing is always included. No hidden fees.

Delivery is included in the Dallas - Fort Worth and Austin Texas areas. 

Ask about other delivery options.

Shipping is available. (Shipping charges are extra)

We process in USDA inspected facilities.  If the meat is not being shipped out of state we can process in Texas Inspected locations.  Contact us for more details.

To better understand  how you can start with a 1000 pound animal and only end up with around 400 pounds of meat, there is an excellent article by Rosie Nold an Associate Professor of Animal Science.   ​     

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Remember to prepare your freezer space.


* Initial deposit may be made by cash, check, or credit card.
​* Free delivery to most locations near Dallas/Fort Worth 

* Ask about free delivery.

* We take all major credit cards and cash for balance on delivery. Prepayment by check can be arranged in advance.  

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