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Thaw to room temperature before cooking-Do not thaw in microwave oven.

Cook one level less than desired. (Desire Med Rare ? Cook to RARE ) 

Meat will continue to cook when removed from heat.

Use a medium high flame and cook 3-5 minutes per side for a 1 1/4" steak

Do not cut into meat while cooking !

Sear and cook oven roast slightly below 300 degrees  

Internal temperature  to 130 degrees - well done is not advised

Remember to use safe meat handling methods.

Let rest at least 5 minutes before cutting & serving.

Grass Fed Beef, Beefalo and Bison have less internal fat than grain fed beef.   

Be sure to check out the benefits of eating grass fed beef.

Fat on grass fed beef may be slightly yellow.  Fat color is an indication of what kind of vitamins and minerals are present in the cow's diet. The presence of beta-carotene is a natural form of vitamin A and shows that the cow had access to grass forage which is the natural diet of a ruminant animal.

Most cuts listed below are available. Ask for details.

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