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Farmers Market Prices


To order a custom box call


Limited Availability 


Tip: Marinade sirloin for tender top shelf fajitas.  Cook meat to rare , wrap and let sit for 5 minutes.

Meat will continue to cook to about medium rare

as the juices redistribute. 

Slice thin cross grain.


                                  (prices are per pound)

GROUND BEEFALO                      $ 12.00

 (buy 4 get one free)


CHUCK ROAST                                   11. 00

ARM ROAST                                          11. 00

SHORT RIBS                                          11.  00

CUBED STEAK                                      11. 00

BRISKET  (one)                                    11 .00

SKIRT STEAK                                        16 .00  

FLANK STEAK.                                     18. 00     

Shank bones (with meat)              10.00

STEW MEAT                                          12.00

KABOB MEAT (avg. 1.0  lb)                  15.00

HANGING TENDER                           17.00

SIRLOIN (8 ou. BONE LESS)               8.00 ea.

RIBEYE                                              22.00 ea.

NY STRIP STEAK (avg. 1.0  lb)     22.00 ea.

TENDERLOIN                                       35.00             

OX TAIL                                                  10.00

LIVER                                                         8.00

TONGUE                                                10.00

HEART                                                      8.00

Don't  forget your pet.  Organ meat contains nutrients your pet needs and may not be getting in their pet food or they may not be absorbing it due to deficiencies in their diet.


Buy Beefalo by the quarter. The meat is processed at a USDA facility.  The finished weight of a quarter (split half) will be about

75 to 100 pounds consisting of tenderloin, NY strip, ribeye, sirloin, stew meat, roast, ground beefalo and more.

Orders can be customized 

$11.00  per pound 

Price includes free delivery 

in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.

Call for other delivery options.

Hind - Fore Quarter sections, split half

or full side of beef.

Split half includes choice of brisket or skirt;

hanging tender or flank.

Custom orders available.

Call for details

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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